Wedding Dress Cleaning in Greenwich CT: Save Your Precious Day (Easily)

Probably the most important purchase that any bride ever makes for her big day is that of her wedding dress. Many a bride will spend thousands of dollars on her wedding dress in order to ensure that she looks perfect for her husband-to-be, and that family and guests marvel at how stunning she looks.

Not only will a bride spend a lot of money on her wedding dress, she will also spend a lot of time at several fittings so that she is confident that everything will be exactly right for the day. In most cases, a wedding dress is not something that you just pop into Walmart and purchase. This is especially true in Greenwich, CT, a city known for its wealth. Greenwich is the headquarters of many a hedge fund, and the daughters of hedge fund owners deserve the best wedding dress cleaning available not only in Greenwich but anywhere in Connecticut. (That would be us).

On the day itself, the bride will arrive at the wedding venue in a Wedding Dress Specialty Cleaners in CTlimousine, or perhaps something such as a horse drawn carriage. Whatever the mode of transport, when she descends from it she wants her guests to gasp in awe and wonder. After the ceremony itself, it is time for the photographer to take some amazing pictures of the happy couple.

Then it is off to the reception, where the champagne will be flowing, and the bride and groom may dance the evening away.

However, when the big day in Greenwich is finally over, it is time for that wedding dress to be cleaned and put away. The bride will never wear it again, but she will want to keep it as a memento, and also perhaps for her own daughter to wear many years in the future.

Getting a Wedding Dress Cleaned in Greenwich

It follows that, for Greenwich CT wedding dress cleaning, you want to know that your wedding gown is in the hands of the finest experts. At Commuter Cleaners, we have cleaned hundreds of wedding dresses over the years. Whether your wedding dress is made of silk, satin, lace, or any other type of fabric you can trust Commuter Cleaners to take care of it. We handle every wedding dress as though it belongs to our own daughter.

Our expert wedding dress cleaners will walk you through the whole process. It is not simply a matter of cleaning the dress, but of preserving it for many years. Our experts will handle your dress and will clean and preserve it to museum quality standards. If you so wish, you may view your dress and inspect it after it has been cleaned, and before we layer it with an acid-free tissue and fold it into an acid-free archival quality wedding gown chest.

At Commuter Cleaners, we understand how important your wedding dress is to you and your new husband. We know that you spent a considerable amount of time and quite a lot of money, not only selecting the design, but attending the various fittings in order to look as glamorous as possible on your wedding day. Now you want to be absolutely certain that your wedding dress is in the hands of the experts. For Greenwich CT wedding dress cleaning, Commuter Cleaners is the choice of the discerning bride.

Wedding Dress Cleaning in Greenwich CT: Save Your Precious Day (Easily)
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