Wash and Fold New Canaan Saves So Much Time

If you live in New Canaan, you’re likely very well off. You might even be rich. The average household income in New Canaan is presently $283,718, which is not exactly chump change. Furthermore, that figure is an increase of 27% over and above the average household income of 2010.

The average household net worth is $1,364,609, and the median home price Wash and Fold New Canaan Laundryis $1,133,000. And your sales tax rate is only 6.35%. You live in the 9th most wealthy city in the US.

Yes, we’ve been watching you! And you are not exactly slumming it.

OK. Tongue in cheek a bit!

New Canaan – The Point Is This – Let us Do The Dry Cleaning for You

However, the point is this. If you have enough money to do pretty much anything you want, and live a comfortable life, why on earth would you want to do your own laundry? Or dry cleaning? Or gardening? Or one of any number of other things that the average American has to do?

Why not just get someone else to do it? You pay them a small amount for their services, so that you don’t have to waste your life doing things like the laundry, and you can spend your time doing things that you enjoy. That’s what life’s all about. Enjoying yourself. You don’t want to come home from the office and do things like wash and fold!

That’s why the Commuter Cleaners of Stamford wash and fold New Canaan service was set up – to do it for you. Wash and fold is a chore, and we’ll happily take it off your hands so that you can do the things in New Canaan that you love to do. Like take the kids to the Nature Center, with its’ trails, and animal care building, and greenhouse. Go to the Little Red Schoolhouse, or the Tool Museum.

What about Waveney Park, or Irwin Park? The kids’ll love them. Visit the Farmer’s Market, or go look at the antique cars at the ‘Coffee and Carburettors’ on a summer Sunday morning.

You’d Rather Do It Yourself? Let us do The Wash and Fold For You

You’d rather stay home and do wash and fold? Nah – not really.

With our wash and fold New Canaan pickup and delivery laundry service, you have no need to be home. We supply you with our famous blue bags, and all you do is put the laundry in them and leave them in a pre-designated place such as your garage, the porch, a garden shed, or wherever. Our driver collects your laundry. We wash and fold. Then our driver brings it back to you.

Whatever could be easier than that? That’s one more household chore out of the way, leaving you to get on and live your life the way it was meant to be lived.

To set up your regular wash and fold laundry service, just call us on (203) 348-6964. FYI, we can also take care of all your dry cleaning needs at the same time.

Wash and Fold New Canaan Saves So Much Time
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