Wash And Fold? How VERY 1980’s!

In some ways today it seems we are back in the 1980’s. You know – big hair – crazy colours.

But here is what’s NOT back – wash and fold in Stamford, Greenwich and nearby Connecticut towns. You remember? You took your laundry to the laundrette and instead of putting it through the machines yourself and sitting watching it go round and round, the staff there put it in the machines, put it in the tumble driers, and folded it up for you to collect later on. Wash and foldYes, you saved time sitting in the laundromat, but you were still running backwards and forwards to drop off and collect your wash and fold Stamford, and you still had to iron some things when you got them home.

The 21st Century Way of Wash and Fold Is Different

The 21st century way of doing things is rather different. It’s called home pickup and delivery laundry for Stamford, Greenwich and nearby cities in Connecticut. Basically, other than leaving your laundry out in one of our famous blue bags, you don’t do anything at all. That’s the modern way of having your laundry done: instead of DIY it’s GSETDIFY – Get Someone Else To Do It For You! In this case, the “someone else” is us.

You hate laundry. We love it! Give Us Your Old Wash and Fold, Please!

Home pickup and delivery is so simple to arrange. You don’t even need to be at home either to give us your laundry or to pay us when we deliver it back. In fact, you don’t ever even have to meet us because we can arrange everything in a phone call or by email.

It’s Easy to Get Your Laundry Done

It’s easy. You notify us of a place where you will leave your laundry. This could be in your porch, in your garage, in a shed or greenhouse. We will drop off some of our blue bags in which you put your laundry. On laundry day all you have to do is to put your laundry in the place we have agreed and our driver will collect it and bring it back to our plant in Stamford.

We do all your laundry, pop it back into another blue bag, and deliver it back to you. What could possibly be easier than that? It’s a lot simpler than wash and fold Stamford.

Payment? That’s simple as well. We’ll just charge your debit or credit card at the end of each month.

We can do all of your dry cleaning as well, and we also have a same day dry cleaning service. This comes in really handy when you have to go out to a company dinner tonight and you realize that your dress suit or evening dress needs cleaning. Yes, home pickup and delivery of your dry cleaning on the very same day! Just give us a phone call and your worries are over.

Wash And Fold? How VERY 1980’s!
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