Towel and Spa Service – a New Laundry Feature for Stamford CT

We have received many inquiries from Stamford-area businesses for towel and spa service.  For example, gyms and other health facilities often have need of a commercial laundry service that can handle large volumes of towels.  Just imagine if you have a gym in Stamford, Greenwich or elsewhere in the Connecticut or New York area and how many towels that might generate!

Towel and Spa Service – Stamford / Greenwich CT



Towel Service - Stamford CTThe so-called “big guys” don’t really like to deal with small businesses, and towel or spa service even less so.  You might have small massage therapy center, gym or athletic club, or even be a health center that generates a lot of towels or other linens.  Commuter Cleaners as the top-rated commercial laundry in Stamford can service your needs.

We work with our sister company Stamford Linen to provide top-notch towel and spa services.

If you are looking for a towel service or spa service in Stamford, Greenwich or other Connecticut towns, please consider us.  Even folks looking for New Canaan CT towel services or a towel service in Larchmont or White Plains NY are not too far.  We have many New York businesses as well as Connecticut businesses.

Reach out to our friendly staff for an email or phone consultation (call 203-348-6964)

~ Paul McDonald, CEO – Commuter Cleaners.


Towel and Spa Service – a New Laundry Feature for Stamford CT
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