Stamford CT Home Pickup and Delivery Dry Cleaning: Awesome!

When you live and work in Stamford, you need to look your best at all times. Stamford is the largest financial center in New York Metro, outside New York city itself, being home to four Fortune 500 companies, nine Fortune 1,000 Companies and thirteen Courant 100 companies. In addition, numerous large corporations have divisions based in Stamford.

Among the major companies with headquarters in Stamford are Pitney Bowes, Gen Re, Charter Communications, WWE, Crane Co, and Tasty Bite. UBS Investment Bank also has its North American headquarters here, and its building houses the largest trading floor in the world. The Royal Bank of Scotland also operates from here.

Stamford Home Pickup & Delivery Dry Cleaning Service

Stamford is a place where people still go to work in suits and ties, and in order to succeed in your chosen profession, you need to be extremely smartly dressed.

However, when you have a busy working life it is often hard to find the time to fit in everyday chores such as doing the washing and ironing.

Luckily, in Stamford, you have Commuter Cleaners to help you out. You can make use of our Stamford Wash and Fold service, where you bring your household linen to us, we do all the grunt work of cleaning, pressing and ironing, and you simply collect your clothes when they are ready for you, bright as a new pin.

However, Stamford Wash and Fold is the “old” way. At Commuter Cleaners, we have a much more intelligent solution for you. The new way is home pickup and delivery dry cleaning service.

It makes your life as simple as can be, because you don’t have to do anything at all. We do all the work for you.

Laundry & Dry Cleaning Service in Stamford CT

Commuter Cleaners process works like this: you leave your laundry and dry cleaning outside your home in one of our special blue bags that we supply you. Our driver picks them up and takes them back to our depot where our experienced launderers will wash, iron, and fold everything. Your suits will be perfectly pressed. Everything is carefully packed, and then our delivery driver simply pops them back to you, leaving them wherever you have told him to. This could be by your front door, in a garage or outhouse, or in the yard at the back – whatever suits you.

So, for example, if you leave your weekend laundry outside for us on Monday morning, it will be delivered back to you on Stamford Home Pick Up and Delivery Dry CleaningThursday, ready for you to unpack when you get home from work on Thursday evening.

You don’t need to keep running backwards and forwards to our premises, so you save a lot of time on those activities. You don’t even have to visit us to pay, because we will simply bill your credit card at the end of every month.

Now you can go to work every day looking the bees knees, and your boss will be impressed. Of course, if you ARE the boss, your staff will be impressed.

Stamford Wash and Fold? Forget it. From now on, use Commuter Cleaners Pickup and Delivery service for laundry pick up.

Stamford CT Home Pickup and Delivery Dry Cleaning: Awesome!
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