Specialty Cleaners in Port Chester, NY, for Those Hard to Clean Items

For those hard-to-clean items such as suede, shoes or purses, and stains like motor oil, red wine and worse, you need the services of specialty cleaners in Port Chester, NY.

There are times in anyone’s life when an item of clothing, or a family heirloom, may get stained or dirty – covered in oil or grease for example – and appear to be beyond repair.

Suede shoes may become dirty because you were out walking in the country when a sudden downpour turned the track into a mud bath. Somebody spills red wine on your drapes during a party. Oil gets on to granny’s 100 year old silk shawl. Specialty Cleaners Port Chester, NY

All of these things can be very distressing, when it appears that there is no hope and the item must be thrown away. However, don’t despair. Bring it to Commuter Cleaners, the specialty cleaners in Port Chester, NY.

We can clean all sorts of things that might appear at first sight to be beyond salvage. Put it this way: if for some reason (very unlikely) we can’t clean it, then no-one can. Whatever you do, don’t throw it out until you have let us have a look at it. You’ll be amazed at what we can do.

Specialty Cleaners In Port Chester, NY

  • Motor oil on your favorite Persian rug? If you can bring it in, we can clean it. (And, no, we won’t ask how it got there!).
  • Dirty fur coat (mink, rabbit, raccoon)? If it’s fur, you name it and we have cleaned it.
  • Got a beautiful suede purse, handbag, or shoes? Suede is lovely, but can get dirty very quickly. Bring it in to us and we’ll make it sparkle again.

We act as professional shoe cleaners for clients in Port Chester, Stamford, Greenwich, White Plains, and clients throughout New York and Connecticut.

At Commuter Cleaners we can clean drapes of all types of material and any size.

Bed linen can be difficult to clean in your home washing machine, unless it has a very large capacity. We can clean sheets, pillowcases and down comforters. We can also clean and restore your goose-feather pillows.

How about that wedding dress? You spent a fortune on it, so you now want it cleaned after your big day, so that you can keep it for ever in pristine condition. Who knows, in 25 years’ time you may see your daughter getting married in the same dress?

Maybe you have had a big party and need linen tablecloths cleaned, along with napkins and other linen. We have a sister company,Stamford Uniform and Linen Service that professionally cleans commercial linens and uniforms, including military uniforms, but we can also clean these items for private homeowners.

Fire And Flood Damage

If you have been unfortunate enough to suffer from a house fire or from flood damage, you will probably wonder if it is ever possible to get rid of the smell of smoke or damp, and the mold that has come from nowhere. Cleaning carpets, curtains, and clothing that has been damaged by smoke or water is not an easy process, but rest assured that we have seen it all before.

Specialty Cleaners in Port Chester, NY, for Those Hard to Clean Items
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