Home Pickup and Delivery Laundry vs. Wash and Fold: The New Way

It’s no secret that Commuter Cleaners has taken the New York and Connecticut suburbs of New York City by storm. Clients from Larchmont to Portchester, from New Canaan to Stamford to Greenwich, have all discovered a few realities – 

  • Why do your own laundry when you can outsource it to us? Doing your own laundry is so 20th century. In today’s new “Gig” economy, it’s time to outsource the mundane topics of life, such as laundry, to more efficient services. Who enjoys doing laundry? Who enjoys pressing sheets? Not us, and not you. But we do it as a job, and our happy employees can take the pressure off of you – so outsource your laundry to Commuter Cleaners. We service the entire Westchester County corridor (I 95) up to Stamford, Connecticut. And people really love our servicesHome Pickup and Delivery Laundry service
  • Wash and Fold is not the way to go, anymore. Back in the day people would search for things like Wash and Fold services Larchmont, or where is a wash and fold for Greenwich, only to have to schlepp their laundry into a local wash and fold. Home pickup and delivery laundry service is so much better as we come to you, and we deliver to you. All you have to do is collect your laundry into one of our convenient blue bags and call us, or be on our regular route. Think of it as a Post Office for your dirty laundry!
  • We’re a local business, so by supporting us, you’re supporting a local New York / Connecticut small business, not a national chain. The national chains don’t care about the local communities, because their head offices are far away, whereas we’re in Stamford, so we support many local area efforts. We’re part of your community!
  • It’s ecofriendly. Our plant, just by virtue of our efficiency, is ecofriendly. We use state-of-the art energy and water efficient machinery, and as for as dry cleaning is concerned we comply with all state and federal regulations regarding the use and disposal of our chemicals.

So, if you’re looking for a home pickup and delivery service, or a wash and fold, we’re the most convenient service. Whether you live in Larchmont or Portchester, Stamford or Greenwich or anywhere else on the I 95 corridor north of New York City, give us a call to discuss your home pickup and delivery laundry needs. We’re not a wash and fold – we’re way better. We come to you both to get your laundry, and to deliver the laundry.

It’s almost like magic. Laundry problems? SOLVED.

Home Pickup and Delivery Laundry vs. Wash and Fold: The New Way
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