Friday Night Is Pizza Night in Greenwich. Monday Morning Is Laundry Day

It’s true that many residents of Greenwich have pizza for dinner on a Friday night, because after a long hard week at work they don’t want to start cooking. It’s not so bad cooking at the weekend because you have more time, but then along comes Monday morning and there’s something else nobody wants to do: the laundry and dry cleaning.Greenwich Laundry Service

There are few things worse to most people’s minds than doing the laundry, ironing everything that needs to be ironed, and trotting backwards and forwards to the dry cleaners with suits, dresses, and more.

We Can Help You With That

Well, guess what? We can help you with that. We’re your local home delivery dry cleaners Greenwich, and we’ll do your laundry too, and get that pizza stain off your shirt. Just imagine never having to go to the dry cleaners, drop off the cleaning, then go back again two or three days later to pick it up and take another lot down. There’s more to life than that, surely?

As home delivery dry cleaners Greenwich we will collect all your dry cleaning and laundry and bring it back to our Stamford plant for processing. When it’s done, two or three days later we’ll bring it back to you. How much simpler does it get than that?

If it’s urgent – as in “panic stations” because you have a formal dinner to attend tonight and you’d forgotten that your dinner suit needs cleaning – we also provide a SAME DAY pickup and delivery service.

No Need To Be At Home for Our Home Pickup and Delivery Dry Cleaning Service

What’s more, you don’t have to be at home when we collect or when we deliver. We simply agree with you a place where you will leave your dry cleaning or laundry – the porch, an alcove, the garage, or wherever – and our driver will collect it from there and deliver it back there as well. For our regular weekly service we will give you some of our famous blue bags in which to put your dry cleaning or laundry to leave where we have agreed.

Payment is very simple – we just send you a monthly statement and charge your debit or credit card. In fact, we have many customers in Greenwich whom we have never met in person!

So forget all the tedious running back and forth to a small store with your dry cleaning when it is so simple to have us – your home delivery dry cleaners Greenwich – do all the running about for you.

In order to discuss your dry cleaning and laundry requirements just give us a call on (203) 348-6964 or click on the Contact Us link at the top of the page. We’re here to help.

Friday Night Is Pizza Night in Greenwich. Monday Morning Is Laundry Day
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