Everyone in CT and NY Hates Laundry – Except Us!

OK, so just how many people do you know in Connecticut and New York who LOVE doing the laundry and just can’t wait for Monday mornings to come around so that they can do some more? And then follow that up with the ironing?

Yes, we thought so. We’d bet a dollar to a cent that you don’t know anyone who loves laundry: you probably hate it yourself.Home Pick-up and delivery of laundry in Stamford

However, here by a quirk of fate, is Commuter Cleaners and – strange as it may seem – we LOVE laundry. It’s what we do. All day and every day, we do everyone else’s laundry. Yes, it may seem odd, but we make a living out of doing the very thing that you don’t want to do which takes all the pressure off you. You can sit back with a sigh of relief because when you have Commuter Cleaners take care of your laundry you will never have to worry about it again.

Tedious? Yes, But We Love Laundry!

It’s not only that it is such a tedious job, but the amount of time it takes doing it yourself. So for you it is boring and eats into your week, when you could be doing something that you love to do rather than something that you have to do.

C’mon! You could be going swimming, walking the dog, having a coffee in Starbucks, going on Facebook, watching a film, playing hockey, trimming shrubs in the yard, cooking pasta, hanging out with the girls, painting a picture, or any one of a thousand and one other things that you enjoy doing.

Yet here you are, up to your elbows in dirty washing! There’s a lot more to life than that!

Pickup And Delivery of Laundry to Stamford, Greenwich & Nearby Towns

That’s why so many people in CT and New York use our home pickup and delivery laundry service. That’s right – you don’t come to us, we come to you. Not only that, you don’t even have to be at home. So you can be out and about doing whatever you wish, or working in the office, and we collect your laundry, bring it back to Stamford, process it for you, and then deliver back to you. All fresh, clean, and neatly ironed and ready to wear.

We have been doing this for years for smart-thinking families who realize that there are far better things they can be doing than fighting over who does the laundry. We’d go so far as to say that we have saved quite a few marriages over the years with our home pickup and delivery laundry service!

So if you want to get rid of what is possibly the worst chore that any family has to undertake, give us a call on 203 – 348 – 6964 or click on the Contact Us link at the top of the page to find out just how simple a home pickup and delivery laundry service really can be.

Everyone in CT and NY Hates Laundry – Except Us!
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