A New Canaan Sweetheart Needs a Wash and Fold Gift (Really)

Christmas and New Year have been and gone. Thanksgiving seems as though it was a lifetime away. Just when you thought you could relax and take it easy, something else is looming on the horizon. We hate to scare you, but Valentine’s Day was on February 14th.


Yep, it’s that close folks. That special day when you celebrate with your “other half”, the lady gets red roses, and hubby picks up a very expensive bill for dinner for two. It’s the champagne that does it, but in addition the price of flowers goesWash and Fold New Canaan CT through the roof (they are more expensive than at ANY other time of year except Mother’s Day), and every restaurant in New Canaan has a special offer; in this case, “special” meaning twice the usual price.


More Time for Your Hubby: Wash and Fold of the 21st Century

Any your hubby wants more time with you, and you want more time with your hubby. What to do?

You need more time – we all do these days, as there aren’t enough days in the week to take care of all the things that must be done, let alone all the things that we want to do.

Fortunately, there is a simple answer: get rid of the boring chores that need to be done every week and hand them over to a specialist.

A good place to start is wash and fold New Canaan. Wash and fold is boring and time-consuming. You have to bag up all the washing and dry cleaning and take it to the laundry/dry cleaners. Then you have to go back next day to collect it all. You can easily waste an hour every week just running back and forwards. You probably don’t want to know this, but if you work an eight hour day that adds up to a full week every year!

Good News about Wash and Fold in New Canaan

The good news for local residents is that wash and fold New Canaan has now come into the 21st century with the advent of home pickup and delivery from Commuter Cleaners. You never need to come to us again, because we come to you.

“Yes, that’s all very well”, we hear you say, “but I’m out at work all day.”

Don’t worry your head about little things like work. We’ve got you covered.

All you have to do is throw all your laundry and dry cleaning into the bags we supply you, and leave them out when you go to work in the morning. Our driver will collect them from the place you told us you will leave them (the porch, the garage, the shed) and bring them to our laundry. We will sort them and “wash and fold New Canaan” or dry clean as appropriate, and then a couple of days later our driver will bring them back to you. It couldn’t be easier.

As for paying us, that’s easy too. We’ll just bill your card once a month.

So now that’s one more chore that you’ve got rid of, and another hour every week you can spend with your other half instead of fighting the traffic.

Does that make sense, or does it make sense?

A New Canaan Sweetheart Needs a Wash and Fold Gift (Really)
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