Women today have no time: drop off hubby’s suits with us!

We offer first class dry cleaning services for anyone looking to have their suits cleaned by experts. Your best bet is to call us in Stamford. You don’t have to drive very far to have your suits cleaned – we can come to you!
We are located in Stamford CT and will be more than happy to help any women looking to have their husbands suits cleaned and make sure that they get the best quality service to clean any suit. We have dozens of regular customers there who entrust us with all their dry cleaning including any suit. Many of them tell us they wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else, because we make everything so easy.

Dry Cleaning Company in Stamford CT

The last thing any women of the house wants to worry about is running back and forth to the dry cleaners, so we do all the running in order that you don’t have to.

We supply you with our famous blue dry cleaning bags, and all you do is pop your suits, dresses, and other items into one and leave it in a pre-arranged place. This might be by your front door, in an alcove, or in your garage, for example. Our driver will call and collect the bag, and bring everything to our Stamford laundry.

Three days later he will return with your suits and dresses immaculately cleaned and pressed. So if we collect your drydry cleaning in Stamford CT cleaning on Monday, it will be back with you on Thursday by the time you get home from work. Many busy women can carry on with household duties and let us worry about cleaning your husband suits.

No Need To Be At Home for Dry Cleaning in Stamford

Being a household wife can have many tasks at hand. Having to stay busy with the kids and cleaning, who has time to worry about the dry cleaning. Let alone having to drive to the cleaners and have to drive home carrying the dry cleaning and doing all of the household chores. You don’t need to be at home to receive your dry cleaning, or to pay us. In fact, once set up you never have to talk to us again, if you don’t wish or need to. We simply bill your credit card once a month for all that month’s dry cleaning. It really couldn’t be any simpler. So you know that you will always go to work looking your radiant best, without all the bother of dropping your dry cleaning off, and then having to make another journey in order to collect it again. One less chore to worry about.

As a specialty dry cleaner, we will also get rid of all those hard to clean stains, which can happen to even the most careful of our customers. Don’t worry, Commuter Cleaners deals with this and worse every day of the week. It’s fair to say that if we can’t clean it, no-one can.

We Dry Clean Everything

We also clean all sorts of other items, such as suede purses, leather, furs of all types (mink, raccoon, rabbit, and more), draperies and drapery, wedding dresses, table cloths and linen, bedding, shoes – you name it, we have cleaned it.
As winter draws to a close, we also clean precious items of clothing such as cashmere sweaters. These are not cheap to buy, and they need very careful handling.
So, as a busy Mom or Dad, make us your Greenwich dry cleaner. We may not be based in Greenwich, but we make having your dry cleaning done a breeze. Just give us a call on 203-348-6964.

Women today have no time: drop off hubby’s suits with us!
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