When You Need Dry Cleaning In Stamford – Call The Best!

Hands up everyone who ENJOYS running back and forwards to a small dry cleaners in town every week!

Yep, we didn’t think we’d get any takers!Home pickup and delivery of laundry and dry cleaning in Stamford.

It wastes so much TIME dropping clothes off at the dry cleaners and then going back two or three days later to pick them up again. And then doing the same thing next week. And the week after that. And the week after…….!

Or in some homes with larger families it might even be twice a week. It’s even worse if you get caught up in the school run or the rush hour in the late afternoon. What’s more, today it is completely unnecessary.

The #1 Stamford CT Dry Cleaners

Commuter Cleaners is the #1 Stamford CT dry cleaners, and we operate the largest plant in the city – not just in Stamford, but for miles around. We have been in business as Stamford CT dry cleaners for thirty years, and one of the best things that we offer is our home pickup and delivery service.

When you use Commuter Cleaners for your dry cleaning you’ll never have to drop off and collect your dry cleaning ever again. You save multiple boring trips to a small store because instead of you doing all the running around, we do it for you. And just before you ask – no we don’t charge any extra for pickup and delivery. In fact you’ll most likely find that our prices are very competitive when compared with a small one-off business because we benefit from the economies of scale.

Thousands Of Clothes Every Day

We process thousands upon thousands of clothes every day and we service a very wide area. Not only that, when you have left it until the last minute and panic strikes because you need your suit or dress dry cleaned for an event the same evening we can help you with that too.

Just give us a call and we will collect your suit or dress, bring it back to our plant, dry clean and press it, and return it to you ready to wear before the day is out. You won’t usually get a service like that from a small local store. Even if you could, you’d still have to do the running backwards and forwards: we do it for you, remember?

So for all your dry cleaning needs use the #1 Stamford CT dry cleaners – Commuter Cleaners.

We don’t just do dry cleaning. We can handle all of your laundry on the same basis, and we also do specialty dry cleaning. When you have got a stain on that suede purse, your mink fur coat needs cleaning – Persian rugs, drapes, shoes – whatever it is we clean it. Commuter Cleaners has you covered for everything.

When You Need Dry Cleaning In Stamford – Call The Best!
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