We Deliver Your Laundry In Port Chester, But First We Have To Pick It Up

With our Port Chester home delivery laundry service we deliver your laundry to your home every week – or more often if you wish – when we have washed it. However, everything in life has an order, so first we have to pick it up. Sure, we could ask you to bring it to us and then we wash it and deliver it back, but from your point of view it is far better if you don’t have to do that. So that’s why we now provide a pickup and delivery service for laundry in Port Chester, New York.Home laundry delivery dry cleaning and laundry in Port Chester, New York

Doing your own laundry is so 20th century, even if you have the latest washing machine and tumble dryer. It’s a bit like mowing the lawn. You might have the latest all singing, all dancing lawnmower, but do you REALLY want to have to mow the darn thing every week?

Nope. We thought not.

So it is with the laundry. Our Port Chester home delivery laundry service makes your life about as simple as it can get. After all, doing the laundry at home is a chore, so why do it? We can pick up your laundry every week, bring it back to our depot, wash it all, and deliver it back to you a couple of days later.

Questions, Questions! Call Us about Port Chester Home Pickup and Delivery Laundry Services

No you do NOT need to be at home when our driver calls to collect your laundry. We let you have a supply of some of our famous blue bags and you simply put your laundry into them. Then you leave it in a place that you have arranged with us such as your front porch, rear porch, an alcove, your garage, or wherever, and our driver collects it from there.

He brings it back to our depot and we wash it and fold it. Then a couple of days later our driver brings it back to you. What could possibly be easier than that? And before you ask – no, you don’t have to be at home to pay the driver when he returns it. We very simply send you a statement at the end of each month and bill your credit or debit card. As you can see, our Port Chester home delivery laundry service is about as easy as it gets.

It’s not just your laundry, either. We handle all of your dry cleaning on exactly the same basis. We have an emergency same-day dry cleaning and laundry service. We also have a specialist dry cleaning service for all those really difficult things like suede bags and shoes, fur cleaning, wedding dress cleaning, drape cleaning, Persian rug cleaning (very delicate handling needed) – you name it, we clean it. That’s why we’re the #1 laundry and dry cleaning service for Port Chester, New York, and surrounding cities.

We Deliver Your Laundry In Port Chester, But First We Have To Pick It Up
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