Wash and Fold? Use Home Pickup and Delivery in Greenwich, Instead

Living in Greenwich, CT will keep you busy and live a busy life.You work five days a week and want to save the weekend for fun. Who wants to worry about washing and folding on the weekends? You and your partner in life have other things to worry about rather than washing and folding your clothes. You have other worries at home that you need to attend to like dinner, kids and family.

Gosh, Greenwich is just too nice a town to bother with “old-fashioned” wash and fold laundry Wash and Fold in Greenwich, CTservices. Why bring in your laundry, when Commuter Cleaners can do it ALL and we mean ALL – pickup, clean, and re-deliver.

There are other things that need to be done, such as cleaning the home, gardening (if you have a yard), doing the laundry, ironing clothes – the list is endless. There do not seem to be enough hours in the day. The simplest answer is just to outsource as much of the chores as you can.

Finding a Top Wash and Fold Service in Greenwich: Use Us Instead

The newer, better alternative is our home pickup and delivery dry cleaning and wash and fold. We’re located in Stamford, CT, but we service the entire Connecticut area, and our home delivery service receives rave reviews.

Fortunately, in Stamford you have Commuter Cleaners and we service the area of Greenwich. With our wash and fold service you can bring all your laundry to us in Connecticut, and let us do it. We’ll wash, dry, iron, and fold all your family’s laundry, which will save you a ton of time and make your life so much easier. Just drop it off to us, and collect it when you wish.

About Commuter Cleaners:

We are a full service dry cleaner offering same day dry cleaning throughout the New York City and Connecticut metro area. Besides dry cleaning, we offer an amazing home pickup and delivery service for your cleaning needs as well as specialty cleaning for things like leather, suede, or wedding dresses. Call us at 203-348-6964 or email us for a FREE consult on your needs!

Wash and Fold? Use Home Pickup and Delivery in Greenwich, Instead
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