Wash And Fold for Laundry In Stamford Has Moved On. Today It’s Pickup And Delivery

Wash and fold Stamford CT is so last century! Yes, in the 80’s and 90’s and even in the “noughties” that was how it worked. It sure beat doing all your washing at home yourself but – oh boy! – there was still all that hassle involved.Wash and Fold Laundry Stamford CT

First you had to get all your laundry together and put it into bags. Then you brought it down to us and we actually weighed it, ‘cos that’s how we charged. Oh, and you had to put your dry cleaning in a separate bag too. Then you drove back home again. Nothing wrong with that, except if you are doing it as an extension of the school run – or at the same time because you have to get to work, even if you don’t have to do a school run – that all adds to the amount of time you’ve wasted on wash and fold Stamford CT.

Of course, there’s another thing. A couple of days later you have to repeat the process all over again because you have to come down to us and collect it again!

We’ve Removed All That Hassle with the Best Wash and Fold Service in Stamford!

Today, at Commuter Cleaners/Fabricare we have totally removed all of that hassle with our Stamford CT pickup and delivery service. Think of it as “wash and fold for the 21st century.”

We can hear what you are thinking. “That’s all very well, but then I’ve got to stay at home waiting for your driver, and if he gets held up I’ll be late for work. Then I’ve got to be here when you deliver it back to me so that I can pay, and the same thing applies. Not only that, if he doesn’t arrive until mid-day I won’t get to work at all.”

Fear not. At Commuter Cleaners/Fabricare we are smarter than that! We know you are busy. This is the way it works: we deliver some of our famous blue bags to your home (or business) and all you do is put your laundry in them on laundry day. Then you LEAVE it in a place that we have agreed. This could be in your porch, a shed in the yard, your garage, or wherever. Our driver collects it and brings it back to the laundry where we wash or dry clean it as you require.

“Yes, but don’t I have to be there when you deliver it back so that I can pay the driver?”

No, you don’t. We take care of everything and we just bill your card at the end of each month. Seriously, what could be easier than that?

Wash and fold Stamford, CT?

So last century!

Wash And Fold for Laundry In Stamford Has Moved On. Today It’s Pickup And Delivery
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