Waited Until The Last Laundry Minute? Don’t Worry, Same Day Laundry Service to the Rescue!


You have to leave for a two week business trip out of New York’s JFK Airport tomorrow morning and you suddenly realize that you have no clean suits to take with you. What are you going to do? You have to leave for the office in half an hour, and when you get home tonight you have to pack and leave at 6.00 am in the morning to catch your flight!Same day laundry

Don’t panic! Commuter Cleaners is your Mamaroneck same day dry cleaners.

You’ve Got A Friend in the Same Day Laundry Business

As James Taylor sang in You’ve Got A Friend, “spring, summer, winter, or fall, all you have to do is call – you’ve got a friend”.

In this case the friend concerned is us. You may not have known this, but here at Commuter Cleaners we operate a same day pickup and delivery service for ALL your laundry and dry cleaning. So the fact that you have no clean suits and half of your shirts are in the laundry basket doesn’t have to be a problem any more.

All you have to do is to make one phone call to us to make use of our Mamaroneck same day dry cleaners service – sometimes known as the “procrastinator service” because we save the day when people have procrastinated and left everything until the last minute. Don’t worry about procrastination – we ALL do it from time to time, but on this occasion it is no longer going to be a problem.

Leave your dry cleaning and those shirts out in one of our blue bags if you have one – or just in a black bag if you are not an existing home pickup and delivery customer – and we’ll collect them and bring them back to our plant in Stamford. Here your suits will be dry cleaned and pressed, your shirts laundered and ironed, and they will be delivered back to you this afternoon before you get home from the office.

Don’t worry about payment, either. We’ll just charge your credit or debit card at the end of the month.

We’ve Saved Your Bacon!

So you can get on with your working day safe in the knowledge that your friendly Mamaroneck same day dry cleaners have saved your bacon. You can catch your plane tomorrow morning with all your clothes ready for your business trip knowing that you won’t feel embarrassed in front of your colleagues.

If you have not been a Commuter Cleaners customer before, you’ll probably want to be when you return from your business trip. We make doing your laundry and dry cleaning easy peasy – and you’ll never have to worry about running out of clean suits, shirts, or anything else again.

Waited Until The Last Laundry Minute? Don’t Worry, Same Day Laundry Service to the Rescue!
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