Top Stamford CT Dry Cleaners Announces New Blog Posts Explaining Wash And Fold –v- Pickup And Delivery

Stamford, CT leading dry cleaners and launderers, Commuter Cleaners, has just announced new blog posts explaining the difference between wash and fold laundry and dry cleaning, and pickup and delivery.

Managing Director of Commuter Cleaners, Paul McDonald said “Many people are confused about the difference between the two services, and the purpose of these new blog posts is to ensure that customers, and potential customers, are aware of the different benefits of each.”

To begin with, wash and fold can have benefits for people who either work near to Commuter Cleaners premises, or drive past them on their way to work. Wash and fold simply means dropping laundry and dry cleaning off at the Commuter Cleaners depot, and collecting it later.Wash and Fold- Stamford CT

“If you are driving past anyway,” says McDonald, “it’s a very simple matter to drop your items off on the way to work, and then collect them on the way home again. It really only takes a couple of minutes each way.”

However, Commuter Cleaners is very aware that many of its customers do not live near to or drive past the laundry, and in many instances would have to make a special journey to take advantage of the wash and fold service. Indeed, this would involve two journeys, one to drop items off, and another to collect them again.

“Many of our customers want laundry and dry cleaning done twice or three times a week” says McDonald, “which would mean that they would spend a considerable amount of time every month just doing the laundry run.”

This is the reason that Commuter Cleaners introduced its’ pickup and delivery service. The company’s drivers call at every customer’s home whenever required, collect the laundry and dry cleaning items, and take them to the laundry for expert processing. Once done, the driver then returns them to the customer.

“The customer doesn’t even need to be at home”, explains McDonald. “We supply them with our strong blue bags, which they then simply fill with their laundry and dry cleaning and leave at a predetermined place. This might be the front porch, an alcove, in the garage, or at the rear of the home. Our driver collects whenever they wish and returns everything in pristine condition three days later.”

Commuter Cleaners customers do not even have to make a trip to pay the bill, as the company simply charges their credit card at the end of each month.

“Some of our customers have never met any of our staff, and don’t even know where our laundry is” laughs McDonald.

In addition, the company offers a same day service, if a customer has a really urgent problem. It often gets calls from customers who need a dress, or a dinner suit, cleaned for wear at a function the same evening, and will collect in the morning and deliver before the customer returns from work.

The latest blog posts are designed to highlight the different services that the company offers, and ensure that potential customers are aware of how simple getting laundry and dry cleaning done can be.

Top Stamford CT Dry Cleaners Announces New Blog Posts Explaining Wash And Fold –v- Pickup And Delivery
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