The Best Greenwich Dry Cleaners Are Not Actually Based in Greenwich

If you want the best Greenwich dry cleaners, then you need Commuter Cleaners, but we’re not based in Greenwich. We’re in Stamford.

However, this is absolutely no problem whatsoever. You don’t have to come to us, because we will come to you. We operate a home pickup and delivery service that is second to none, and you don’t even need to be at home!

Blue Bags – Your Greenwich CT Dry Cleaning Solution

We give you a supply of our famous blue bags, and you simply put your dry Greenwich dry cleanerscleaning into them, and leave it in a pre-arranged spot – by your front door, in the garage or outbuilding, in the greenhouse – wherever. Our driver will then collect your dry cleaning and bring it to Stamford where it will be expertly cleaned and pressed, and then returned to you. You don’t need to be at home to receive it either, as we’ll simply bill your credit card at the end of the month for whatever you have had cleaned.

If you are something of a procrastinator, that’s fine too. We are all procrastinators, putting things off until the last moment, and as the best Greenwich dry cleaners who are not in Greenwich, we understand this. It’s so easy to forget about the dry cleaning – it’s a pretty mundane sort of task anyway – until the last minute.

Greenwich Panic at the Connecticut Disco (Or Not) – Look into Our Dry Cleaning Option

Then, of course, there’s a panic on because you need that special dress or suit for an important dinner date tonight. Don’t worry. Commuter Cleaners has you covered.

We operate a same day pickup and delivery service as well. (See? We told you we’re the best Greenwich dry cleaners who aren’t in Greenwich).

Just give us a call. Put the cleaning in a blue bag. We’ll collect it, clean it, and return it to you in time for you to wear tonight. Procrastinators everywhere, rejoice!

Specialty Cleaning for the Stamford / Greenwich Area

At Commuter Cleaners, not only do we do dry cleaning, but we offer specialist cleaning such as leather and suede cleaning, shoe cleaning, fur cleaning (any type – if it’s fur, we’ve cleaned it), table linen cleaning, drapes and drapery cleaning, and we will even clean your wedding dress ready for storage. We’ll clean anything – except carpets. We don’t clean carpets, in Greenwich or anywhere else. Oh, and ovens. We don’t clean those either.

So you can see that whatever dry cleaning problem you have in Greenwich, we can take care of it for you. That’s why we are the best Greenwich dry cleaners who aren’t in Greenwich.

The Best Greenwich Dry Cleaners Are Not Actually Based in Greenwich
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