Suede Cleaning – Expert Specialty Cleaner for Your Suede Needs

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Suede Cleaning, Specialty Cleaning and Home Delivery Stamford CT

  • Suede Cleaning experts – our experts at Commuter Cleaners understand the value and qualities of suede.
  • Excellent Customer Service – not sure how to clean your suede item? Give us a call or email and we can consult with you about your suede item and how best to clean it.
  • Reliability – we have cleaned hundreds of suede items, and you can rest assured that we will clean your suede shoes, purses, jackets and other items back as close as possible to brand new.

Suede Cleaning – the Commuter Cleaners Specialty Cleaning Edge

Genuine suede requires special cleaning technology to preserve the feel, finish and color of the items. Suede is a special type of leather, and both suede cleaning and leather cleaning are specialty cleaning areas in which Commuter Cleaners excels.

How does suede cleaning work? First, of course, you need to bring your suede shoes, purse, sports coat or other suede item in for an inspection. Our suede cleaning specialist will inspect your item and give you a price estimate as well as an estimate on how effectively we can clean the item. Second, each suede item is individually cleaned in detergent and natural tanning oils that fit each type of garment (whether the leather is cow, pig, lamb suede, etc.)

Second, there is the suede color matching process. If necessary, we can match or re-match the suede colors for best color matching. Some color deterioration may occur over time; this depends on the initial quality and condition of the suede item to be cleaned.

Third, we press the garment using specially designed finishing equipment. Our experts in specialty cleaning, including suede cleaning, inspect each suede item throughout the entire process to ensure that the highest quality of service is achieved.

About Commuter Cleaners

Commuter Cleaners is a full service dry cleaner offering same day dry cleaning throughout the New York City and Connecticut metro area. We have physical stores in Stamford, CT, and Cos Cob, CT, as well as Hartsdale, NY, and Croton Harmon, New York. For busy commuters, we provide convenient pick up and drop off centers on the Connecticut Metro North railway serving New York City. If you are a busy commuter, or you live in the greater New York City area, we are an excellent dry cleaning service! Contact us for a FREE phone consult on your dry cleaning, specialty dry cleaning or home delivery service needs!

Suede Cleaning – Expert Specialty Cleaner for Your Suede Needs
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