Commuter Cleaners in Stamford Makes Dry Cleaning Easy for Busy Commuters

You may find this hard to believe, but Commuter Cleaners of Stamford CT started life only a few short years ago as a dry cleaner in Peekskill, NY.

The business expanded rapidly as more and more people heard about the exemplary service that we offered, together with our ability to clean items which most other dry cleaners refused. We’re talking fur coats (real or faux), suede purses and handbags, leather jackets, wedding dresses – you name it, we cleaned it – and we still do!).

Very quickly it got to the point where we needed bigger premises, more machinery, and more staff, in Same Day Dry Cleaningorder to cope with the huge amount of work coming in every day. We spent some time searching, and eventually settled upon our present premises in Cove Road, Stamford, where we have evolved into the biggest Stamford CT dry cleaners – and launderers too.

Not Just In Stamford but All Over Connecticut

And not just in Stamford. We serve a radius of around 50 miles covering all of New York metro area, and all the northern suburbs. In fact, today Commuter Cleaners is not just the biggest Stamford CT same day dry cleaners (and laundry), we are one of the biggest serving the NY metro area – but not the biggest.

No, we are not the size of Aramark or Cintra, and frankly we have no ambitions in that direction. The last thing we want to become is a huge unwieldy, impersonal giant, where one half doesn’t know what the other is doing.

Valuing Our Dry Cleaning Customers

We set great store by valuing our customers and knowing them as people, not just a number on a computer program. That’s why our directors are on site every working day, and easily accessible. If you should ever have a problem, or a query about cleaning of difficult or delicate materials, all you need to do is give us a call and one of our directors will answer your questions personally. Over the years, we have evolved, but we have never forgotten the basics of our success which is to treat every customer as though they are the only one we have.

That is why we have evolved into home pickup and delivery. We know that our customers lead busy lives, and have better things to do than run back and forth to the dry cleaners every week, so we turned it on its’ head, and now we run back and forth to you!

Certainly, we may be Stamford CT dry cleaners, but that’s just because we are based there. We cover such a wide area, that the fact that we are physically in Stamford doesn’t matter (we have to be somewhere, after all). As far as you, the customer, is concerned, all you need to know is that you leave your dry cleaning out when you leave home for the office, and a couple days later when you get home from work it has all been delivered back to you.

Now that’s what we call service!

Commuter Cleaners in Stamford Makes Dry Cleaning Easy for Busy Commuters
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