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Commuter Cleaners aims to be one of the best dry cleaners in Stamford, CT, and the surrounding areas of Darien, Greenwich, Norwalk, New Canaan in Connecticut. We offer three important services for you – our customers –

  • Dry Cleaning – looking for the best dry cleaners in Stamford, CT? We aim to be the best dry cleaners in town and one of the top-rated dry cleaning services. Drop by one of our convenient stores!
  • Home Pickup & Delivery – need convenience? Our home delivery service will pick up and deliver your dry cleaning right to your door. We do the hard work for you – a great time saver for busy Stamford residents!
  • Specialty Cleaners – we are one of the largest cleaners in the greater NY / CT metro area, and we specialize in specialty cleaning such as suede, rugs, leather, wedding dresses, linens – anything and everything. If you are looking for the best specialty cleaner in Stamford – you’ve found it!

Free Estimate - Home Pickup / Delivery - Specialty Dry Cleaning - Stamford Call us at 203-348-6964 or email us for a FREE estimate. Learn more about our services below –

Home Delivery Dry Cleaning Service
Serving: Stamford, CT and surrounding areas

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Commuter Cleaners offers home delivery dry cleaning services within a ten miles radius of Stamford, CT. Our Stamford home delivery cleaning service like going to the cleaners twice weekly, without you having to waste your time! There is no extra charge, and your credit card is billed at the end of the month for the work we have done for you. Many folks look for old-fashioned wash and fold services in Stamford, CT, only to find – to their pleasant surprise – that our service is wash and fold for the 21st century: home pickup and delivery of your laundry and dry cleaning!

A typical Stamford, CT, home delivery customer follows this routine.

  • Step 1. On Sunday night he fill his Commuter Cleaners bag with his dirty clothes. This is a busy Stamford resident, and he wants his dry cleaning and other cleaning ‘done for him’ by a local Stamford dry cleaner. If there are specialty cleaning items such as suede, leather, bed linens, suits, dresses, sweaters, etc. – we clean any of these and special instructions can be left for specialty cleaning items.
  • Step 2. On Monday morning before leaving for work, our busy Stamford commuter or resident leaves his Commuter Cleaners bag with his dirty clothes on his porch. He goes to work. Stamford, CT - Home Delivery Pickup and Delivery Service - Wash and Fold
  • Step 3. Our driver, stops by his house (located within ten miles radius of Stamford, CT, or one of our other convenient locations in Westchester County NY and in Fairfield County, CT), and picks up the blue dry cleaning / clothes cleaning bag. The driver brings the dirty clothes to our main plant in Stamford Connecticut, where they are cleaned.
  • Step 4. On Thursday, the clean clothes are brought back to his home in Stamford CT (or wherever he might live in Westchester County, NY, or Fairfield County, CT), and left where he has instructed us to leave them; front porch, back porch, garage or alcove. The Stamford customer has left another bag on his porch. The driver picks up this bag and brings it to our main plant in Stamford for our dry cleaning process to clean these clothes. We can also do normal wash and fold services for Stamford, CT, customers.
  • Step 5. On Thursday night, the customer returns home to find that his freshly clean clothes have been delivered and are waiting for him. At the end of the month, he receives a statement detailing all charges to his credit card. In one month he has saved the time wasted on eight trips to the dry cleaners!

In sum, using Commuter Cleaners as your local Stamford, CT, home pickup and delivery dry cleaning service is an excellent way to save time on dry cleaning, wash and fold, and other speciality cleaning items. Whether you just want your shirts cleaned and pressed, your business suits or dresses cleaned, or whether you have specialty items like bed linens – let us make your life in Stamford easier, by being your best Stamford home pickup and delivery dry cleaning service!

Specialty Cleaning from the Best Specialty Cleaners near Stamford, CT
Serving: Stamford, CT and surrounding areas

Got a special item? We clean it all. Leather, suede, wedding dresses! If you are looking for a specialty dry cleaning service in Stamford, Connecticut, give us a call or email. Here is a list of the types of items we commonly clean as one of the best specialty cleaners in the greater Stamford, CT, area –

  • Suede Cleaning – got a beautiful suede coat? Suede shoes? Suede purse? Suede is one of the most beautiful treatments to leather but it can quickly get spots or dirt. We specialize in hard-to-clean suede items, so bring your suede purses, coats, shoes in and we will make them look like new!
  • Leather Cleaning – leather is durable, leather is tough, but leather can get dirty. We specialize as one of the top specialty cleaners in Stamford, CT, and the surrounding New York area, so bring your leather to us. We are amazing leather cleaners!
  • Wedding Dress Cleaning – after the wedding, you want to preserve your wedding dress for posterity. We specialize in wedding dress cleaning and have cleaned many a wedding dress in our day. We can clean that dress so that you preserve your wedding memories for posterity and might even some day pass that beautiful wedding dress down to your daughter!
  • Fur Cleaning – we clean furs of all types – minks, rabbit, raccoon – you name it, if its fur, we have cleaned it. So if you are looking for a fur cleaner, you have found one. Call for a free phone estimate!Specialty Cleaners - Stamford, CT - Look your Best!
  • Table Cloth Cleaning – after that party, after that corporate picnic, you may have many table cloths that need cleaning as well as napkins, and other linen. We have have a complete sister company Stamford Uniform and Linen Service that can professionally clean linens, uniforms, etc. But we also do this for private parties.
  • Rug Cleaning – we can clean Persian Rugs, or rugs of any type. If you can bring it in, we can clean it!
  • Drapes and Drapery Cleaning – we clean drapes of all types.
  • Purse / Handbag Cleaning – if you have an expensive purse or handbag, or a family heirloom that needs cleaning, our specialty purse / handbag cleaner can make that purse or handbag sparkle!
  • Shoe Cleaning – shoes of all types, mens and womens, can be hard to clean. Suede shoe cleaning or leather shoe cleaning are our specialties, and we act as professional shoe cleaners for clients in Stamford, Greenwich, Port Chester, White Plains and throughout New York and Connecticut.
  • Bed Linen – sheets, pillowcases, even down comforters. These can be very difficult to clean in your home washer – let our experts clean your bed linens for you!

Specialty Cleaning – Fire, Mold, or Flood (Water) Damage

Fire, Mold, Water Damage - Specialty Cleaners in Stamford CTFire, mold, and flood are among the most threatening forces to damage our houses, our lives, and our clothes.

If you are the unfortunate victim of a house fire in Stamford, CT, we can help. Our specialty cleaning service near Stamford, CT, can help with fire damaged clothing cleaning as well as cleaning after mold or smoke damage. So if you are looking for a local Connecticut cleaner that can help with fire, mold, or flood damage, give us a call for a FREE phone estimate to help with your fire damaged clothing!

About Stamford, CT

Did you know? The World Wrestling Federation or the WWF is headquartered in Stamford. These famous people – William F. Buckley, Jr. and Cofer Black as well as Semyon Belits-Geiman – are from Stamford, CT. And here’s some interesting history about our fair city of Stamford, CT –

In the late 1840s two events presaged the entry of Stamford into the emerging industrial economy of the United States. One was the decision in 1848 by the New York, New Haven and Hartford Railroad to schedule Stamford as a regular station stop. The other was the arrival of hundreds of impoverished Irish refugees fleeing the potato famines of 1845-1848. Their presence brought willing hands and increased the town population from 3500 (in round numbers) in 1840 to 7200 in 1860, an increase of 100% in two decades. Stamford was utterly unprepared for this non-Yankee, non-Protestant influx. The newcomers confronted a severe lack of housing, jobs and schools and aroused a violent wave of anti-Catholicism. Branded drunkards and street brawlers, they were blamed for higher crime and delinquency rates and for the spread of dreaded diseases. In the 1850s William T. Minor of Stamford was chosen Governor on the anti-Catholic, anti-immigrant “Know Nothing” ticket. The Irish-Americans, though poor, responded by building and supporting their own churches and schools and gained good will by volunteering for the Union cause in record numbers.

The Civil War did absorb community energies. Three years after hostilities ceased, however, Stamford plunged into the industrial economy. In 1868 Linus Yale, Jr., an inventor, and Henry T. Towne, the highly educated son of a wealthy engineer, formed a partnership to produce Yale’s newly-patented pin tumbler lock and slim, flat key. They selected Stamford as their base because of its proximity to New York, its accessibility via land (railroad) or via water (a canal and the Sound) and its large labor pool. Although Yale died suddenly at the end of 1868, Towne went ahead with their plans. The business succeeded quickly and expanded rapidly. Eventually the Yale & Towne building complex spread over 25 acres south of the railroad station. Beginning with 30 workers in 1869, the corporation employed 1,000 men and women by 1892 in a town with a total population of 16,000.

Yale & Towne was by far the largest but not the only corporation that found Stamford attractive. A range of entrepreneurs took advantage of the availability of public water supply, electric power, and telegraph connections. The nearness of New York City, the 80 trains departing daily on the New Haven line, and the electrification of a comprehensive trolley system were other assets. Various light industries manufactured, among other products, steam rock drills, wallpaper, bicycles, bearings, speedometers, and typewriters.

Source: http://www.stamfordhistory.org/feinhist.htm

Home Pickup & Delivery | Dry Cleaning | Wash and Fold – Stamford, CT
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