Specialty Dry Cleaning in Stamford and Greenwich: Being the Best of Two Cities

People in Stamford and Greenwich love to have clean clothes. Really clean clothes. Many of the residents are affluent, and they have expensive sweaters, suits, leather items such as purses, and the occasional truly specialty item like a wedding dress. They want a specialty cleaner that is truly the best in the area, and they want one that’s convenient. We at Commuter Cleaners can provide the best specialty cleaner in the area, and – though technically located in Stamford – our convenient same-day and home pickup / delivery services make it possible for us to be the best specialty cleaner in Greenwich without actually being in Greenwich. Specialty Dry Cleaning in Stamford and Greenwich

Finding the Best Specialty Cleaner: Points to Consider

Here are some points to consider as your search for a specialty dry cleaner in the area. First and foremost, read the reviews online. Our online reviews on both Google and Yelp are superb, showing that our customers really love us and – if you read closely – you’ll see that many of the reviews talk about specialty cleaning services. Second, do a little research with your friends and family. You may find that they already know Commuter Cleaners as we are one of the largest dry cleaners and specialty laundry services in both cities. Nothing speaks more than the word of mouth of friends and family, and we’re very proud about our own word of mouth. Third, investigate the history of the firm. We’ve been servicing the communities of Stamford and Greenwich for over twenty years; we’re not some fly-by-night pop up service that was born yesterday when two teenagers had an idea for an app!

Fourth, make sure that your specialty cleaner has their own plant. We process our own clothes right in Stamford at our massive dry cleaning and specialty laundry plant. So, for most items, we do the work right on premises with our trained, friendly staff. Finally, make sure to look at the customer service. We put our customers first, and work hard to provide an incredible customer service experience. We’ve an eco-friendly dry cleaner, and did we mention our home pickup and delivery laundry service? That’s the type of service that few specialty cleaners can truly provide. Reach out to us for a phone consultation, or stop by our Stamford facility with your items if you like. You’ll be glad you did, and glad you found the best specialty dry cleaning service in Stamford and Greenwich: Commuter Cleaners, Inc!

Specialty Dry Cleaning in Stamford and Greenwich: Being the Best of Two Cities
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