One Less thing to do in New Canaan CT: drop off your dry cleaning

We live such busy lives in New Canaan, we can use one less thing to worry about. Although Commuter Cleaners doesn’t actually have premises in New Canaan, we are in New Canaan every day. We can pick up and drop off your dry cleaning and it’s one less thing that you have to worry about these days.

Commuter Cleaners offers same day dry cleaning service to the surrounding areas in New Canaan.
It is a delightful place for New York workers to live, with its’ quaint buildings and plethora of antique shops and award-winning restaurants.

Best Dry Cleaning Service in New Canaan

Here is some interesting history about dry cleaning. Did you know? The ancient Romans used ammonia (derived from urine) and fuller’s earth to launder their woolen togas. Fullonicae were very prominent industrial facilities, with at least one in every town of any notability, and frequently the largest employer in a district. These laundries obtained urine from farm animals, or from special pots situated at public latrines. The industry was so profitable that fullers’ guilds were an important political constituency, and the government taxed the collection of urine,

Now that is some interesting history about dry cleaning! We are have come a long way since the ancient Romans and use New Canaan same day dry cleaningmuch more effective ways of servicing the New Canaan area and the surrounding cities.
Dry Cleaners in New Canaan – One less thing to do

It couldn’t be simpler for dry cleaning in New Canaan. It’s really quite easy to have someone else do your dry cleaning rather than having to do it yourself. It really couldn’t be any easier. You just leave your dry cleaning out in one of our well-known blue bags in a designated place. This could be by your front door, in the garage, or in the back yard. Our driver collects it and brings it back to our Stamford depot where it is processed by our expert staff, and then the same driver delivers it back to you three days later.

Commuter Cleaners Offers Same Day Dry Cleaning Service

If it’s urgent, we even have a same day service. You know the sort of thing: you get your dress or suit out for an important dinner party this evening, and suddenly realize there’s a stain that you never spotted from the last time you wore it. Never fear: Commuter Cleaners New Canaan, CT, dry cleaner Emergency Service to the rescue. Just give us a call on 203-348-6964. We’ll collect it, clean it, and have it back in good time for you to wear it tonight. It doesn’t get any better than that.
You don’t even have to be at home to receive your dry cleaning back, or to pay us. We’ll just charge your credit card at the end of the month for the services you have used during that month.
New Canaan, CT, dry cleaner service, made as simple as it gets.

One Less thing to do in New Canaan CT: drop off your dry cleaning
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