Not All Dry Cleaning in Stamford & Greenwich Is Equal. There Is Dry Cleaning, And Then There Is Specialty Dry Cleaning

There is all the usual routine dry cleaning that all dry cleaners do, suits, dresses, jackets, coats, trousers, etc., and then there is specialty dry cleaning. The great majority of dry cleaners do not undertake specialty dry cleaning because they do not have either the knowledge or the equipment.Specialty dry cleaning from Commuter Cleaners of Stamford & Greenwich

However, at Commuter Cleaners we undertake all types of dry cleaning. We are your specialty dry cleaner Stamford CT, and we can clean all those precious items that most dry cleaners won’t.

For instance, when you have a Persian rug or Persian carpet it needs very careful handling because the rich colours are made using natural dyes, and cleaning them needs skill. You don’t want the colors to fade when you have an expensive rug.

Who would you trust to clean your wedding dress? That needs careful treatment also, because you will want to keep it for many a long year and maybe even have your future daughter wear it at her wedding in 20 or 30 years’ time. As your specialty dry cleaner Stamford CT, we undertake quite an amount of wedding dress cleaning for our customers. When we say “specialty dry cleaner Stamford CT”, we don’t just clean for the people of the city. Stamford is simply where our plant is (it’s the biggest in the city), but our specialty dry cleaning service extends over the whole of the area we service.

Fur Coat Cleaning in Stamford, CT – Yes we do!

What about those expensive fur coats? You can’t trust fur cleaning to just anyone. But at Commuter Cleaners we clean every type of fur that there is – mink, fisher, antelope, squirrel, timber wolf, ermine, rabbit, raccoon, sable, seal, marmot – you name it and we’ve cleaned it.

Suede is another material that needs careful handling. Whether it’s a coat or a pair of suede shoes we can get all those dirty marks out and have them looking like new again. Leather is another of our specialties. A leather handbag from one of the major designers can cost a small fortune (literally thousands of dollars, as you will know if you own one) so you need it handled by a company that you can trust to get it back to its’ original glory.

As your specialty dry cleaner Stamford, CT, we also clean table linen of all types, and every sort of bed linen. Got expensive drapes that need cleaning? Yes, we do those as well and you can be sure that they will look brand new once more.

It really doesn’t matter what it is. If it’s dirty, we’ll clean it!

Not All Dry Cleaning in Stamford & Greenwich Is Equal. There Is Dry Cleaning, And Then There Is Specialty Dry Cleaning
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