Greenwich CT Wash and Fold Service Booming, Announces Commuter Cleaners

Commuter Cleaners, a top-rated laundry service, is proud to announce that its Greenwich, CT, home pickup and delivery laundry service is enjoying incredible customer demand. Customers are realizing that they do not have to bring their clothes into “old fashioned” wash and fold laundries, but can Greenwich CT - Home Pickup and Delivery Laundry & Dry Cleaninghave the friendly drivers of Commuter Cleaners pickup and deliver their laundry on a daily or weekly basis.

“Wash and fold is so ‘yesterday,’” explained Paul McDonald, CEO of Commuter Cleaners. “Once a customer realizes that our home pickup and delivery service in Greenwich is the modern-day equivalent of Greenwich wash and fold, they’re sold. It’s far easier, and is one less headache for the busy consumer.”

To learn more about the wash and fold service, or rather its modern replacement of home pickup and delivery laundry.   There, one can schedule a pickup or reach out to a friendly staff member for more information on how this service works.

Commuter Cleaners Clarifies Wash and Fold vs. Dry Cleaning

Due to the advancement of technology, the consumer no longer has to separate wash and fold vs. dry cleaning items. The brilliance of Commuter Cleaners of dry cleaning service is that the company separates the two types of clothing for cleaning. Visit our home delivery webpage  to learn about the company’s pick up and delivery dry cleaning services, which is the equivalent of wash and fold. Commuter Cleaners makes it easy for customers. Customers bring clothing to one place and lets the company worry about separating it. The clothing will be cleaned appropriately, and the customer does not need to worry about whether it’s wash and fold or dry cleaning. The company makes it very simple for their customers.

About Commuter Cleaners:

Commuter Cleaners, based in Stamford, CT, is one of Connecticut’s top-rated dry cleaning services. The company is an industry leader offering two new services in the dry cleaning industry: home pickup and delivery dry cleaning and same day dry cleaning / wash and fold service. For today’s busy customers in cities like Stamford, Greenwich, or New Canaan in Connecticut or Larchmont, White Plains, or Yonkers in New York, these services make life easier than ever. Customers also come to Commuter Cleaners as a specialty cleaner of hard-to-clean items such as purses, wedding dresses or shoes. Customers are encouraged to visit the company website or contact the company by phone, as well as to visit its convenient location in Stamford, CT.

Greenwich CT Wash and Fold Service Booming, Announces Commuter Cleaners
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