Get Stamford CT to Pickup and Delivery your Dry Cleaning. It’s better than DIY

Summer’s here, and there are 101 things for the 125,000 residents of Stamford to do – and all of them are better than lugging all your dry cleaning to and from the dry cleaners. Stamford CT home pickup and delivery dry cleaning just makes so much sense.

You could be in Cove Park, just sunbathing, fishing, playing volleyball, or Stamford CT home pickup and delivery dry cleaninggetting in trim with a run round the one mile loop. You could even go fly a kite when the wind picks up off the Sound. You can also take the kids into Soundwaters and show the kids what lurks underneath the surface of the sound.

Get Your Dry Cleaning Done and Go Visit Cummings Park

There’s Cummings Park, where you can sit on the beach, or just do some fishing off the pier.

Pop down to Scofieldtown Road and enjoy Stamford Arts and Nature Center, wandering among the farm animals and admiring the arts displays.

Take in a movie or two – Landmark 9 at the mall, or the Majestic 6 or dual screen State Cinema in Springdale.

Or you could, of course, pack up all your dry cleaning and take it to a dry cleaner’s, but then you’ve got to make another trip to pick it up again. Fancy that idea? No? Stamford CT home pickup and delivery dry cleaning is just a much better idea – and you don’t even have to be at home because we’ll pick it up, take it to our Stamford premises, clean it all, and deliver it back to you – leaving it in the garage, or wherever.

Stamford Linen Home Pick and Delivery and Go Play Out In The Sun

You can be out in the sun enjoying yourself with the kids. Or even without the kids. Ferguson Library has refurbished the youth department, and has all sorts of classes and activities for the kids, so you can dump them there for the afternoon, and go get a bit of “me” time. Or there’s Fun4Kids Arcade on West Main Street. Or further up the street, there’s Great Play of Stamford for kids from 6 months to 5th Grade. Or there’s KidsU with multilevel indoor play space and inflatables on Hope Street.

You can go watch the Jerry Springer Show at Rich Forum on Mondays and Tuesdays for a mom’s morning out. Then there’s the Palace Theater. Or you could just to the mall and Stamford Town Center and do some good old-fashioned shopping.

So you see, there’s loads of things you can do in Stamford in the summer, and every last one of them is a lot more fun than running about with a load of dry cleaning. To find out all about our Stamford CT home pickup and delivery service, just give us a call on (203) 348-6964.

Get Stamford CT to Pickup and Delivery your Dry Cleaning. It’s better than DIY
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