Connecticut Home Pickup & Delivery Dry Cleaning Blog Enhanced, Announces Commuter Cleaners

Stamford, CT – August 28, 2014. Commuter Cleaners, a top-rated specialty dry cleaner serving Connecticut and New York, is proud to announce enhancements in their blogging strategy. The company is enhancing its commitment to blogging tips, tricks, secrets and advice to busy commuters and professionals in Connecticut and New York about time-saving opportunities by using home pickup and delivery dry cleaning.  The first blog post in the series discusses ‘specialty cleaning for hard-to-clean items’ like wedding dresses. Many busy New Yorkers and residents of the Connecticut suburbs north of New York City have hard-to-clean specialty items as well as a need for same-day or easy-to-use pickup and delivery dry cleaning options. The new blog posts will discuss all the various aspects of being a busy resident, and the need for more convenient cleaning services than the old-fashioned dry cleaners that require customers to drive over, stop, and drop off their clothes.

Home Pickup and Delivery Laundry Service - Stamford, Greenwich Connecticut“Dry cleaning needs to evolve,” explained Paul McDonald, owner of Commuter Cleaners. “In today’s busy environment, business professionals, stock brokers, bankers and others who commute daily to New York City as well as busy mothers and home-makers need a dry cleaning service that is easier-to-use. Our home pickup and delivery dry cleaning service answers that need, and our revamped blog will be a publicity engine to explain the offerings. We find that people often do not even know that the service exists, but once they try it, they love it.”

  • To learn more about Commuter Cleaners and their blog, please visit There one can find detailed information on home pickup and delivery cleaning as well as a link to the company’s improved blog.

Home Pickup and Delivery Service in New York and Connecticut: How it Works

First, the customer signs up for the service. Next, Commuter Cleaners drops off handy blue bags. Third, the customer then puts his or her dry cleaning or other clothing into the bag and fills out an instruction form (unless one is on file, already, at the home office). The customer then goes off to his or her work, or other activities. Fourth, a Commuter Cleaners truck stops by and pickup the dry cleaning. Fifth, when the cleaning is done, the cleaned clothes are returned to the customer.  Upgrades are available such as same day cleaning services, for those who procrastinate and need clean clothes immediately, and interior home pickup or delivery, wherein the Commuter Cleaners driver is authorized to enter the home and actually replace the clean clothes into a closets or other space. The whole concept is to make cleaning and dry cleaning as easy and fast as possible for today’s busy New Yorkers and residents of Connecticut towns such as Stamford, New Canaan, or Greenwich. Many high income individuals realize that they have better things to do with their time, than to do their cleaning!

About Commuter Cleaners

Commuter Cleaners, based in Stamford, CT, is one of Connecticut’s top-rated dry cleaning services. The company is an industry leader offering two new services in the dry cleaning industry: home pickup and delivery dry cleaning and same day dry cleaning / wash and fold service. For today’s busy customers in cities like Stamford, Greenwich, or New Canaan in Connecticut or Larchmont, White Plains, or Yonkers in New York, these services make life easier than ever. Customers also come to Commuter Cleaners as a specialty cleaner of hard-to-clean items such as purses, wedding dresses or shoes. Customers are encouraged to visit the company website or contact the company by phone, as well as to visit its convenient location in Stamford, CT.


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Connecticut Home Pickup & Delivery Dry Cleaning Blog Enhanced, Announces Commuter Cleaners
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