Commuter Cleaners Reviews: We’re Proud to be a Top-rated Dry Cleaner in Stamford

We are super excited to say that we are very happy that our dry cleaning customers are raving about our services in Stamford Connecticut on Yelp and Google+.  We pride ourselves in providing good customer service to our customers and offer pick up and deliver services.

We love our customers! We have dozens of regular customers there who entrust us with all their dry cleaning. Many of them tell us they wouldn’t dream of going anywhere else, because we make everything so easy.

Commuter Cleaner Gets Great Reviews On Yelp – Dry Cleaning in Stamford

Commuter Cleaners makes it very easy for you to be able to get your dry Reviews for Dry Cleaning Servicescleaning done. We supply you with our famous blue dry cleaning bags, and all you do is pop your suits, dresses, and other items into one and leave it in a pre-arranged place. This might be by your front door, in an alcove, or in your garage, for example. Our driver will call and collect the bag, and bring everything to our Stamford laundry.

View our Listings or Review us online:

Please feel free to review us online or read our great reviews. Our dry cleaners will not let you down and give you peace of mind on being able to focus on other things.

We also clean all sorts of other items, such as suede purses, leather, furs of all types (mink, raccoon, rabbit, and more), drapes and drapery, wedding dresses, table cloths and linen, bedding, shoes – you name it, we have cleaned it.

About Commuter Cleaners:

We are a full service dry cleaner offering same day dry cleaning throughout the New York City and Connecticut metro area. Besides dry cleaning, we offer an amazing home pickup and delivery service for your cleaning needs as well as specialty cleaning for things like leather, suede, or wedding dresses. Call us at 203-348-6964 or email us for a FREE consult on your needs!

Commuter Cleaners Reviews: We’re Proud to be a Top-rated Dry Cleaner in Stamford
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