Who are the Best Top-Rated Dry Cleaners in Greenwich CT?

You may well ask why Commuter Cleaners is the best, top-rated dry cleaners in Greenwich CT when we are actually located in Stamford. As it happens, we are only a few minutes away from Greenwich, but you do not need to come to us to drop off your dry cleaning. We come to you instead.

The Best Dry Cleaner in Greenwich… is in Stamford, CT

The fact is that Greenwich residents are extremely busy people and do not Top-Rated dry cleaner in Connecticuthave the time to run backwards and forwards to the dry cleaners, so several years ago, we began our home pick-up and delivery service. We make getting your dry cleaning done as simple as it could possibly be.

It really is an easy process. You simply call or email us and we will deliver a supply of our special blue bags to your home. You place all your dry cleaning requirements into one of the bags – suits, dresses, coats, jackets, sweaters, and so on – and as you leave for work in the morning you put it on your porch.

Home Delivery Dry Cleaning for Greenwich Residents

Our delivery driver will then pick up the bag and bring it back to our plant in Stamford for cleaning. Three days later, your beautifully presented dry-cleaning will be delivered back to your home and left wherever you have instructed us to leave it. This could be your porch, by your back door, or in a garage or alcove. At the same time, if you have left more dry cleaning out for us, our driver will collect the next bag and bring it back to Stamford. When you arrive home in the evening, your dry cleaning is waiting for you.

Of course, sometimes things are urgent. You might decide that you want to wear a favorite suit or dress for an important dinner date that evening, or to visit the cinema or theatre. This is absolutely no problem. All you need to do is to phone us or send us an email. Our delivery driver will collect your suit or dress and bring it back to Stamford where we will process it. We will then deliver it back to you the same afternoon so that it is ready for you to wear in the evening. This is why our customers tell us that we are the best, top-rated dry cleaners Greenwich CT, even though we are not actually based in Greenwich.

Furthermore, we don’t just clean suits and dresses. We can clean everything in your home, including throws, bed linen, curtains and more. We only ever use the finest dry-cleaning materials and processes, and we treat your items as though they are our own.

In addition, we do specialty cleaning of things like wedding dresses, leather, purses, suede, and so on. If you have something which may be tricky to clean, or is a delicate material, you can trust Commuter Cleaners to handle it efficiently.

That’s Why We’re the Best Dry Cleaner in Greenwich: Because We Do It All

That is why we are called the best dry cleaners in Greenwich CT, although we are based in Stamford. When you use our home pick-up and delivery service, the location of our plant really doesn’t matter.

Who are the Best Top-Rated Dry Cleaners in Greenwich CT?
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