Purse Cleaning – Expert Specialty Cleaner for Your Purse Needs

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Purse Cleaning, Speciality Cleaning and Home Delivery Stamford CT

  • Purse Cleaning – We clean all types of purses, including leather and suede purses. Bring your designer purse in today for our expert purse cleaning.
  • Luggage Cleaning – We specialize in luggage cleaning. All brands of luggage, designer luggage, leather luggage and luggage made of any other fabric is our speciality to clean.
  • Experienced Handbag Cleaning – We are number one in designer handbag cleaning. Bring in your favorite designer handbag for professional handbag cleaning.

Purse Cleaning – the Commuter Cleaners Specialty Cleaning Edge

Women love their purses. Purses and handbags are a critical part of accessorizing any outfit. Over time, handbags get dirty. But cleaning a handbag is not a task that can be done easily yourself. Purses are made from all types of fabric and materials including patent leather, suede, brushed leather, etc. The stitching and embellishments are very detailed and cleaning your purse requires a delicate touch. Commuter Cleaners specializes in purse cleaning, handbag cleaning, and wallet cleaning, as well as luggage cleaning.

Women spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars on their handbags. Designer handbags such as Juicy Couture, Coach, Prada, Chanel, and Dooney & Burke, are only a handful among many popular designer handbags we see come into Commuter Cleaners. We are experts at cleaning designer handbags made of a variety of materials and fabrics including leather and suede. Bring your purse into one of our stores today to talk to a specialist about designer handbag restoration. We can remove stains from your designer purses and designer handbags, as well as restore the color. Does your designer handbag have a stain in the lining? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. At Commuter Cleaners we are experts at removing those nasty ink stains, makeup stains, or even perfume oil stains. We are also experts at repairing your designer handbag, including repairing the buckles on handles, purse closures, and the inner lining.

Traveling is hard on your luggage. Your expensive designer luggage picks up dirt from the cargo area on the airplane and on the carousel in the airport. Your luggage gets dirty from rolling it to and from the airport to the hotel, etc. Whether your luggage is made of leather, suede or other material, we have the means to clean it and restore it to looking brand new again. Let our experts take care of your luggage cleaning needs, and rest assured your designer luggage will be in good hands.

About Commuter Cleaners

Commuter Cleaners is a full service dry cleaner offering same day dry cleaning throughout the New York City and Connecticut metro area. We have physical stores in Stamford, CT, and Cos Cob, CT, as well as Hartsdale, NY, and Croton Harmon, New York. For busy commuters, we provide convenient pick up and drop off centers on the Connecticut Metro North railway serving New York City. If you are a busy commuter, or you live in the greater New York City area, we are an excellent dry cleaning service! Contact us for a FREE phone consult on your dry cleaning, speciality dry cleaning or home delivery service needs!

Purse Cleaning – Expert Specialty Cleaner for Your Purse Needs
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