Leather Cleaning – Expert Specialty Cleaner for Your Leather Needs

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  • Leather Cleaning experts – our experts at Commuter Cleaners understand the value and qualities of leather and have years of experience working with leather.
  • Excellent Customer Service, not Just Great Leather Cleaning – Does your leather jacket or leather purse need cleaning? How about your leather boots or peep toe shoes? Cleaning your leather items can be tricky. Give us a call or email and we can talk to you about your leather item and how best to clean it.
  • Reliability for Your Specialty Cleaner Needs – For over 20 years, we have cleaned hundreds of leather jackets, handbags, shoes, boots, and other apparel to our customers’ satisfaction, and you can rest assured that we will clean your leather shoes, purses, jackets and other items back to looking new again.

Leather Cleaning – the Commuter Cleaners Advantage

The best method for cleaning leather is determined by the type of the stain and the type of leather. There are different types of leather, Top Grained, Analine and Semi-Analine. Before deciding the best method to clean leather, it must first be classified as to whether it is finished (such as furniture, luggage and garments) or unfinished (such as baseball gloves, work boots and saddles).

Our leather cleaning specialists at Commuter Cleaners will examine your leather, and give you a price estimate as well as an estimate on how effectively we can clean the item. Many people attempt to clean their own leather at home, using cheap over the counter leather cleaners. These cleaners can actually cause more damage to your leather items and make them virtually impossible to restore to their original condition. We use only the best, most reputable cleaning agents to produce the highest quality result in your leather cleaning. Leather coats, handbags/purses and more come into Commuter Cleaners looking soiled, dingy and dirty and are taken home from Commuter Cleaners looking polished, new and clean.

Our leather experts at Commuter Cleaners can also restore the color in your leather items, as well as change the color of your leather items (if advisable). Leather is difficult to color, and or change color, however with the right products and chemicals, certain color changes can be accomplished with your leather items.

Commuter Cleaners is also devoted to helping you understand how to maintain and care for your leather, to keep it looking new. From leather protective treatments to simple treatments to continue using at home, Commuter Cleaners can help you keep your leather looking like the day you bought it.

About Commuter Cleaners

Commuter Cleaners is a full service dry cleaner offering same day dry cleaning throughout the New York City and Connecticut metro area. We have physical stores in Stamford, CT, and Cos Cob, CT, as well as Hartsdale, NY, and Croton Harmon, New York. For busy commuters, we provide convenient pick up and drop off centers on the Connecticut Metro North railway serving New York City. If you are a busy commuter, or you live in the greater New York City area, we are an excellent dry cleaning service! Contact us for a FREE phone consult on your dry cleaning, specialty dry cleaning or home delivery service needs!

Leather Cleaning – Expert Specialty Cleaner for Your Leather Needs
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